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Metroplex Bass Assassins Tournament Rules

Section 1 – Tournament Director and Co-Tournament Director –
Per the Club Constitution, the Tournament Director duties fall under the office of the Vice President. The Co-Tournament Director shall be the club president.  It shall be the duty of the Tournament Director to ”Implement the provisions of these by-laws, which pertain to the planning, and conducting of the Club’s tournaments.” Act as the presiding tournament official and may act as a judge or delegate that responsibility. Submit the tournament results after each tournament to the Webmaster and the Webmaster shall maintain the cumulative tournament record and point standings.  Perform all other duties as may properly and ordinarily relate to such-office and as may be delegated to him by the Board of Directors. Properly secure the tournament prizes and distribute at the end of each tournament. Along with the Tournament Committee (Officers of the Club), shall make all decisions necessary and fitting to carry out the Club’s regular fishing tournaments.

1.1 - Officers of the club cannot be held liable for accidents of any kind related to all reasonable aspects of fishing in a club sponsored event or tournament.

Section 2 – Schedule - The schedule shall be established by club vote by the end of the prior scheduled year. The Club will fish no less than 9 (nine) tournaments per year, to include a Championship, Two-Day Tournament, and an Open Event. Open and Championship Tournaments shall not be "points," tournaments.  Lake selection will preside as follows:  Each officer has a lake selection, previous year TOY will have the lake selection for October Championship the following year, The remaining lake selections will be voted on by members.  Distance radius from Arlington TX of 75 miles will be used to determina all lake selections except for September and the club two day event. 

2.1 - Officer Lake Selection - Officers of the club will be allowed to pick one (1) lake each during the annual lake selection process. Officers will also be able to participate in the additional lake selection process along with the rest of the ‘active’ club members.

Section 3 - Payout Schedule - Tournament fees will be $80.00 per team per boat for tournaments. 2-Day events will follow the $80.00 per team for the entire tournament.

3.1 - Payout Schedule - The club will keep $10 of all entry fees. Additionally, $5 of the entry fee will go towards the Championship. The remaining will be dispersed as follows:
3-5             100%                                     1st Place - 100%
6-10           60%, 40%         
11-20         50%, 30%, 20%    

3.1.1 - Big Bass - Big Bass pot will be an optional entry, and payment of $10.00 per team will be independent of the required $80.00 team entry fee. Tournament Director will maintain B.B. pot balance and conduct payouts at the conclusion of the tournament.  Big Bass pot will be 100% payback. 

MBA Payout Schedule

3.1.2 - In the event of a tournament in which no fish are weighed, all entry fees will be rolled over into the pot for the next tournament.

3.1.3 - In the event of a tournament in which only one person or team weighs fish, they will only get the 50%, 1st Place payout plus the Big Bass pot and the remainder will carry over to the next tournament. If only 2 participants weigh fish, then 20% (30% if greater than 16 entries and less than 25, greater than 25 entries) will roll over into the next tournament. If only 3 participants weigh-in fish with 16 or more entries, 10% will carry over (15% if over 25 entries).

3.1.4 - In the event of a tie, the following will be used to break the tie in the following order:
Largest fish
Total number of fish
If still tied, then the position earnings will be split evenly

3.1.5 - Heaviest stringer will decide a tie on big bass

3.1.6 - All prize money will be paid at the ramp following the conclusion of the weigh-in and the tournament being deemed ‘closed’ by the Tournament Director.

Section 4 – Safety - Each member participating in a club sponsored tournament shall conduct himself in a safe, courteous, and sportsman-like manner. Each contestant is required to wear a Coast Guard approved life preserver anytime the boat is on plane. The kill switch (if equipped) must be attached to the boat operator any time the boat is on plane. Due to inclement weather, the tournament director may shorten the tournament hours or cancel the tournament for the safety of its members.

Section 5 – Eligibility to Participate - Any member in good standing of the Metroplex Bass Assassins Club may fish in any tournament upon payment of the proper entry fee and signature of of release form. A non-member may fish one time per calendar year as a guest of a member in good standing. This same non-member may not fish as a guest of another member in the same Club tournament year.  Non-members must fish in the same boat with the inviting member of the Club.  A member mayonly fish with with a maximum of 2 separate guests per tournament year. A member may fish solo, but shall still pay the appropriate entry fee.  Non-members must pay the proper entry fee in order to participate in any Metroplex Bass Assassins Club tournament.  To qualify for the championship, a team must physically fish 7 of the 9 tournaments.  

5.1 - Metroplex Bass Assassins Member Only (non BASS) - Members will be voted on by the members in attendance at the monthly meeting. This will be an 'open' vote. The prospective member will need to be voted in by a majority vote (show of hands) in order to become a new member.

5.2 - Top 6 Participation - The Club will send a minimum of 1 (one) team of three boats to the annual Fun N Sun Top 6 tournament. The club will subsidize “Team 1” for an amount not to exceed $300 and is intended to cover the entry fee for “Team 1”. “Team 1” will consist of the top three point earning teams, that will fill a three boat team. The Club will pay the entry fee for Team 1. In the event The Club roster allows more than one team to participate, “Team 2” will consist of the next 6 points earners individual or team in the standings. Team 2 will pay the entry fee and all other expenses accrued for the Top Six. Any money or prizes won by Top 6 participants are theirs to keep. The determination of Top 6 participants will be made after the July Tournament. If any qualified members choose not to participate, the next qualified individual will be invited until the teams are full.

Section 6 – Tournament Rules - The following general rules apply to all regular Club tournaments:

6.1 - All Federal, State, and Local laws, as well as TP&W (Texas Parks & Wildlife) rules and regulations must be observed. Any violations of the rules by an individual or team will be subject to penalty or disqualification by the tournament director.

6.2 - The tournament will be held based on the schedule set forth by the voting club members and published by December 1st prior to tournament season.

6.3 - Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass will be weighed. State and lake rules apply to the size limit. The Club measuring ruler will be the official measuring board used by the Tournament Director. All bass must be of legal length based on the TPWD regulations for the lake being fished. Fish will be measured with mouth closed and tail squeezed to produce maximum length. For all tournaments, the minimum size fish allowed at weigh-in will be 12 inches for all non largemouth species and will also be applied to all slot lakes for all species.

6.4 - The Tournament Director or assisting Tournament Committee member(s) must check all bass at weigh-in

6.5 - Any fish not of legal length at the time of weigh in will be disqualified and the fisherman will be assessed a one (1.0) pound penalty per disqualified fish. There will be a one-half pound (.5) penalty for each and every dead fish brought to the weigh-in. If the big bass to be weighed is dead, a one-half pound (.5) penalty will be subtracted from the big bass weight.

6.6 - All tournament participants must be at the weigh-in site at the time of weigh-in. The weigh-in site is considered within the No Wake buoy of the designated tournament launch area or ramp parking lot in the event the participant “trailered”. A late penalty of 1 (one) pound per minute will be assessed on the total tournament weight up to 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the total catch will be disqualified. You will receive “show up” points only, even if your total weight is below 0

6.7 - No more than 5 bass can be in a contestants live well at any one time during a tournament. Culling MUST be done when a larger fish is caught when already in possession of a limit. Culling of dead fish is not allowed.

6.7.1 - In the event that a slot lake is selected as a Team Tournament lake, Texas Parks & Wildlife rules pertaining to the number of ‘over the slot’ fish retention will apply. 

6.8 - Fishing is allowed from boats only

6.9 - Fishing is allowed only on the designated tournament lake.

6.10 - No fishing is allowed from outside your boat or within 50 yards of an anchored or tied boat with its trolling motor in the stored position without the express permission of its occupants unless they are blocking a right of way.

6.11 - Boats will be allowed to trailer to another boat ramp on the designated lake. All boats must check-in at the designated tournament launch site and will not be allowed to leave until 30 minutes before the actual launch time of the tournament, giving everyone the same opportunity to get to a location on the body of water. You will not be allowed to leave the ramp area you launch from until the official launch time of the tournament.

6.12 - All contestants are encouraged to notify the Tournament Director that they have concluded their tournament day. Should a contestant leave the tournament early, they are encouraged to leave a note on the Tournament Director’s vehicle or contact them by cell phone. If a contestant shows up late for a tournament and leave early without paying the entry fee, that contestant or team must pay at or before the next club meeting. Failure to do so will result in loss of membership.

6.12.1 - Late arrival live well check - If a member shows up late for the launch, it is their responsibility to locate an officer of the club on the lake and ensure that a live well check is conducted prior to first cast. Failure to do so will result in that contestant/team being disqualified.

6.13 - All fish must be caught on artificial baits by casting

6.14 - No trolling with the big motor is allowed

6.15 - All fish must be transported to and from the weigh-in line in a bag filled with water.

6.16 - It is up to the participant to determine their big bass and ask to have it weighed.

6.17 - Start and stop times for each tournament will be posted with the annual schedule. Start and stop times can be modified by the Tournament Director during the course of the year. If a start or stop time is modified, the new times will be posted to the club’s website as well as an email notification distributed to all active members at a minimum of 1 (one) week prior to the scheduled event. The Tournament Director will have final say on times.

6.18 – There will be NO “OFF LIMITS” times set on any body of water that the scheduled club tournaments will be held.  

6.19 - Launch location, Start time, and weigh-in times for each Club tournament will be set as part of the annual posted tournament schedule and can be modified if necessary due to unforeseen lake conditions, other major events going out of same launch site or the need to relocate the scheduled tournament lake. All changes will be communicated no later than 1 (one) week prior to the scheduled date of the tournament.

6.20 - No alcohol may be consumed during tournament hours. This will result in disqualification.

Section 7 - Protests - All protests must be submitted to the Tournament Director within 15 minutes of the last fish weighed in.

7.1 - The available members of the Tournament Committee will arbitrate tournament protests

7.2 - The Tournament Committee will determine the merit of the protest

7.3 - The contestant making the protest and the contestant in question will remain at the tournament site until the Tournament Committee has reached a decision

7.4 - Once a decision is made, the matter is closed and will be given no further consideration

Section 8 - Standings - The Club will use a point system to determine Angler of the Year (AOY), Annual Club Championship tournament and for determining eligibility of participation in the Top 6 tournament. The Webmaster shall maintain and publish individual club standings on the web site.

8.1 - Standings will be determined as follows:

8.1.1 - We will use a points system for year to date standings. The winner will receive 100 points plus his weight for that day, 2nd place 99 points plus weight. If you zero out you will be receive 60 “show up” points. If it is a team tournament both partners will receive the same points.